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July 06, 2006


Andy Wood

i thought this was a good commentary. i tried to post some comments on that sight, and i am not sure if they went through.

i think george barna is a prophet and is pointing out some obvious trends in culture and i think that there is alot of truth to what he is saying. i am just a little disappointed that he does not seem to bring it back in and give hope to the church. i am an optomist and believe God is going to reach our generation!! i want to be careful to learn from those in the previous generations whom God has used and stay open and flexible to whatever "form" God decides to bless in our generation.

I think the "form" is not the issue as much as the values that the form expresses! i pray that we remain: missional, organic/ Spirit led, incarnational, biblical and teachable. I think if we do these things that the issue is not as much the model but the values of the kingdom and if we care more about our models or the kingdom Jesus taught...

Not sure if that make sense. It is alot of what we are wrestling through right now and very fuzzy. Thanks for the blog and all that you do to extend the kingdom of God. It is exciting to see God's hand at work all over the world through this movement.



My wife taught statistics for several years. "Conclusions" that Barna and many stats-guys come to almost always drive her nuts for their lack of secondary data questions (and it is usually an indicator of their boredom with the data and their desire to be more than a statistics guy).

Look...statistics are highly unreliable for the kind of sweeping conclusions Barna is making. For instace, did he ask how many people preferred house churces based on the "huddle down" affect of 911 or church shootings a few years back? People are affected by this stuff on a conscious and unconscious level that sometimes isn't statistically quantifiable.

As a guy who did my grad-studies in history, "Futurists" crack me up. Society only "trends" in retrospect and rarely in foresight. All it takes is another 911-type event to blow up every prediction made.

People are people. Love the people where you are and you'll figure out what you're to be doing as a church. I learn more by doing sermon prep at Starbucks and the local dives than I do by reading these futurist books. And of greatest importance..."walk humbly with your God."

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